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20060527 Memorial Day Weekend, Flathead Lake. Dennis, Jill, Cappy, Matey, Pepe
Transcribed from our log book
First Mate's Log 5/27/06 Captain and webmaster's log
1st say out of a 3 day, 2 night stay. It's been a long exhausting week, both at the ministry and at the 40 hour. Puppies and parents glad to be underway.
Weather is less than co-operative, rainy and drizzly, but we laugh at adversity. A real log book, how fun!
Waves were pretty big. I tried my hand at the tiller but felt too inexperienced, We had a fair cruise to Melita Island. Moored on the mooring bouy. That is one slick deal. Still have large waves. We had lunch of soup and sandwiches. Let the puppies out and then we all headed down for a snooze. Warmer than April, but still needed our trusty heater.
Played 2 games of Scrabble. I lost both :(
Just fun to be ogether with no interuption. Heard osprey once and the geese seem to be gone or nesting.
Not much activity on the lake. Night is falling. It's peacefull and quit. I wish we had both been born rich and a little less good looking.
First Mate Preston
A little difficulty hitching truck to the boat trailer, helps to have the ball latch in the "open" position. (obviously we don't go out enough).
Underway! Sort of. Stopped to air up trailer tires and get breakfast.
Mast went up without a hitch. Jill bought a season use pass, the rest of our trips this year are free!
1000 Underway from dock! Overcast, drizzle, reduced visibility. Set GPS for Melita Island, 2 hours to go.
1/2 hour later, 2 hours to go???
GPS says 2 hours, island right in front of us. GPS chart shows we are by Bird Island!?!
Finally realized it was right, couldn't see Wild Horse Island because of reduced vis. Corrected course.
(You can look at the track and see when we changed course and headed NW)
Arrived at Melita, moored to ball #4.
Set up tarp over bimini. Nice to have a porch.
Almost had a mutiny. 1st mate challenged me to Scrabble. Trounced the mutinous scurvey dog soundly.
Captain Dennis
Woke up to rain! Went back to sleep. Dennis and puppies slept with me. We slept until 2pm.
Got up and went topside to sunshine and some degree of warmth. Perfect for showering. I went into the cabin and made the bed. Got clothes and shower stuff ready. Dennis got the pump and shower going. Mmm, can't wait. With the tarps up we have privacy and protection. When we swing on the mooring though, the breeze finds each little crack. Brrr. After we clean up from shower shower,  time for supper. Barbeque pulled pork with garlic mashed potatoes. Strawberry shortcake for dessert. A meal fit for a King and Queen. Played some Scrabble. I actually won one round.
Call from Chad.
Then popcorn for snack.

Watched swallows catching bugs. tried for pixs, but not much luck.
Had breakfast and climbed back into bed, went right back to sleep. Enjoyed snacks on the "porch" with first mate and puppies.
Set up second tarp for showertime. Batteries in Zodi water heater dead. MacGyvered bilge pump to water heater for pressure water. Worked like a champ.
Jill talking with her son, Chad, in Boston.
Ain't teknawlowgee wonderful?
My favorite rainbow picture
Where's the grass????
Cappy looking for the potty.
Pepe, our leased chihuahua.
Jill's favorite rainbow picture
Getting dark. Clouds are lifting. Saw a rainbow earlier and an osprey caught a fish. The swallows seem to be cathing bugs in the rain.
Now for some one on one with my honey.
All in all, a perfect day.
First Mate Preston
Clouds lifting at sunset, cold winds.
Hung towels in the bimini to block cold air intrusion.
Now for my massage.
Note to self... need bigger boat.
Captain Dennis
Woke up to wind- in the wrong direction. Se-la-ve!
Lounged around enjoying the time with each other. A leisurly breakfast. Some laptime with the puppies. How fast the days go by. Maybe one year we can spend a week out as we have often dreamed.
Back to trouble and toil :(
One more perfect weekend gone.
First Mate Preston
Motored back to Blue Bay. First mate has the helm with me navigating (kinda).
Trying no to take the 2-3 foot waves on the beam, we took a longer course back.
Wind from aft for docking, did a perfect slowdown and turn, drifted right up to the dock and tied up.
What? It's over? Oh well. Three weeks till the next trip, Summer Sailstice.
Captain Dennis
GPS overlay on a topographic of Flathead Lake, Montana.
about 100k.






Dennis and Jill, sailing vessel Vivant, Flathead Lake, Montana