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20060414 Easter Weekend, Flathead Lake. Dennis, Jill, Cappy, Matey, Pepe

First Mate's Log
At last, Easter Weekend! Begged off work early. Came home. Boat is ready. Loaded up the puppies and we're off!

Oops, stop at Rosaur's for munchies and lunch. Down to Blue Bay. WOW! Look at those waves. WOW! Look how low the water level is.

Time to get the Vivant ready for the water. The puppies alternate between waiting patiently and barking frantically. The parking lot is full of trucks and trailers, mostly fishermen. We enviously eyed their catchs. One guy had a fish as long as my arm! Dennis asks "What did you catch it on?". "Oh, jiggin'" the guy replies casually, leading one to believe that catching fish is as easy as throwing in a line.

All right, we're ready to launch. Dennis backs down to the ramp and she's off! We climb aboard and motor away from the pier. Leapin Lizards! There's enough wind to sail! Oh no, the wind is coming from the wrong direction. Nevermind. We unfurl the jib and raise the double reefed mains'l. Oh the delight of being under sail. All too soon we have to haul in the sails and begin to motor to our destination. The adventure continued.

The wind picks and the water is coming over our bow. Cold and wet, I laugh in the face of adversity. Mwa-ha-ha. When we arrive my face refuses to move, so talking is difficult.

We moor to the bouy that is thoughtfully provided. Let the puppies out topside and get the heater going. Supper is easy, sandwiches and chips. A short time later Dennis and I agree, yaawwwnnn, it's bedtime. Isn't this a grand life?
Captain and webmaster's log
Spent the morning getting the boat loaded up with supplies, gear, and clothing. Hooked up and pulled into driveway awaiting Jill's return from work.

Arrived at Blue Bay to find it crowded and with only space for one boat at a time. Stepped mast and readied boat while three fishin' boats recovered. Launched and put-putted while ballast tank filled.

Had a duck follow us for a bit. Forgot shotgun, so no duck for supper.

Of course the wind was coming straight from Melita Island direction.  We sailed for a bit, then motored across the lake. Waves around 3 feet with occasional whitecaps.
You can see quite the splash in this picture.
Remember the second to the last picture from 2005? No? I said "hmmm, mooring balls?"
Well, this time we used one. The water level was still down fairly low. The transom had six feet of water when at it's shallowest swing.
Cold, rainy, and snuggly. Just a relax day. Read, eat, play games, scrapbook, eat again. We enjoyed watching the Canadian honkers chase each other. Saw deer on the island and watched the osprey circle. Talked to an old friend from Minnisota. Also tried out showering inside the cabin, worked pretty well. Needs a few improvements. I'm sure hubby has a plan.

We wanted to attend an outdoor church service for Easter but if it's this rainy will probably try to scoot for home between showers. In spite of it all, is there ever a bad day on the boat? Well, I'm sure you all know the answer to that.

Lots and lots of geese.
A couple on the wing.
I really like my Christmas present, a Canon G-6.
Matey (First Mate Lady Morganella), our female short-haired boar dachshund. And, no, she's not the one writing the left hand column.
Pepe, our niece's chihwaowo, chewing on a chew stick.
Cappy, Captain Skrod von Freckles
The real First Mate, Jill, scrapbooking.
Captain Dennis taking pictures.
Cappy loves his belly scatches.
Just when we thought it couldn't get worse it does. Slept well last night after warming up. It was definately a 3 dog night. Thank you Cappy, Matey, Pepe. Lots of wind and waves just before bedtime. We put up towels around the bimini cover to prevent the zephers from growing icicles on our noses.

Gentle waves this morning. Gadzooks! Is that snow on Wildhorse Island? "Look Jill, it's snowing." Dennis says excitedly. Yep, that's a comment destined to get me up out of my warm bed. "Well,", I said, "did you take a picture?". Much better to view it later I think. "Yup" Dennis says. Oh goody, I think, just a few more minutes of warmth.

All too soon, nature calls and a trip to the head is needed. Oh well, onto a warm cup of coco and coffee and lots of discussion on apparel anticipating the exhilarating motor home. Me who's hiked Glacier Park with no warm head gear aboard. Thankfully we do have rain slickers. Oh well, while we relax and sip warm drinks, we still agree that it's waaaaay kewl to wake up on the Vivant.
Jill Preston
A fog-shrouded Wildhorse Island for Easter morning.
Close-up of  snow on Wildhorse Island.
Geese on the wing.
GPS overlay on a topographic of Flathead Lake, Montana.
about 1/4 meg.






Dennis and Jill, sailing vessel Vivant, Flathead Lake, Montana