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A loon chasing a fish
Hot after it!
Got it!
One big gulp and it's gone!
Cappy and Matey on the lazerette of the Vivant
The Cromwell estate
Geese overhead
Cappy playing with a football we found in the lake
The Vivant at Bird Island
A mama and her gosslings
still at Bird Island
Low clouds from Wildhorse Island
Matey wanting some luvin
Raindrops keep falling on my head
Will work ever leave us alone? Who invented these darn phones?
Capey getting some luvin
Reading and resting
Am I too close?
My other good side
At the tiller
turn her 3 degrees to starboard
turn about! I smell a smell!
Missed it.
I don't know either, she's a little strange, Capey.
An old pier on Wildhorse Island
The Cromwell estate
The old pier again
Cromwell Island ducking behind Wildhorse Island
Mellita Island (Boy Scout Island)
Geese off Bird Island
An artistic rendering of Bird Island by Jill
An artistic rendering of driftwood on Bird Island by Jill
A woodpeckered tree
Flowers, Lichen, and a branch
a view towards the eastern shore of Flathead Lake
Mission Mountains, Finley Point
Dennis taping
Layers of rock
Eatern shore of Bird Island
Driftwood in gravel
Tree root
An artistic rendering of driftwood on Bird Island by Jill
Awww, do we have to go home now?
Are we there yet?
tuckered out






Dennis and Jill, sailing vessel Vivant, Flathead Lake, Montana