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2004020206 Fri Portland, OR Dennis Jill
Purchased Vivant! Had to rewire trailer plug (no ground in the U-Haul plug). Drove to Cascade Locks for gas and supper. Continued to The Delles to stay at Super 8. Boat and Jeep takes 6 parking spaces.

20040207 Sat OR to Kalispell, MT Dennis Jill
Heavy clouds, rain, snow
Drove home in snow/sun/cloud/fog/rain. Everything but wind (whew). Trailer fishtails if going around 60-65 when wind gust from passer hits it, or if steering wheel is jerked. Slowing to 50 takes care of it. Needs 2 axles.

20040221 Sat Flathead Lake Dennis Jill Cappy Matey
Sunny, No wind, slight ripple in spots
Recon mission around Flathead Lake looking for water (as opposed to ice) at boat ramps. What we discovered is that the water level is very low. It's low to the point of most boat ramps ending at the water line, and the docks ending before the water is reached! We drove 82 to 35 to 93, checked:
Wayfarer's Park- bad road (narrow), bad ramp (narrow, long), lack of parking.
Wood's Bay- bad road, no dock, angled ramp with turn, no parking
Blue Bay- good! Parking good, camping, wide ramp, port-a-potty, dock.
Finley Point- bad road (windy, narrow), closed for season
Riverside Park (Polson)- behind bridge, low water
?- difficult access from hwy
Big Arm- low water
Elmo- undeveloped good other than low water
West Shore-
Somers- ice
Flathead River- narrow, low water
Looks like tomorrow we go to Blue Bay for the maiden launch!

(ps. found a link for the water level in the lake.
Level this date was 2,885.75 feet.)







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