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1st picture, 1 week Me on my Dad's lap chores already! newest arrival, Donna
Granddaddy, Mom, Dad, me, Donna, Cathy Easter, 1963 swing'n Donna, me, Cathy
making noise wading I have no idea launching 1st boat
ready to explore snowball fight! It is not a mess! Me and Mom with my `Stang
Me and Grandmother Me, Dad, Mom Captain's Cup, 1987 Admiral's Cup, 1987
Regatta, 1987 Regatta, 1987 Me, a long time ago, in the Navy Me on watch
Safety department My 3 ships, Enterprise, Carl Vinson, Nimitz digging up bones, Nov 1992 Xmas 1999 on the web at a friend's house
grill'n quad'n shoot'n highbanking, Jun 2005
still working photoing Flathead Lake, 2006 in Vivant
belly scratches! leisure time snooze time sailing
sail'n more belly scratches sailor look'n
Lawrence park, 2006 penciled prospect'n at a photo shoot
Feeding a baby Dachshund in the pool dome Pop's bridge Jul 2008 St George, UT Feb 2009
Playing Cathy's slot machine Burbank, CA Mar 2009 southern California desert Mar 2009 12 Mar 2009 me, Mom, Donna, Cathy, Dad
AE7BQ ham call sign in my kilt at Lake Okachobee airboat'n sod for the Fl house
in my kilt performing a vow renewal kilt Multinoma Falls 2010 dig'n
2010 my reflection by my moon pix my tat prospecting for gems (Jan 1, 2012)

Born 1 Jan, 1957 Raimey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico
Pica cast for dislocated hip
Started 1st grade at Carswell, AFB, TX
moved to Edwards AFB, Ca
finished 1st grade
moved to Beale AFB, Ca
finished 7th grade
moved to Tampa Fl.
Plant HS
Computer Math (BASIC)
Tampa Bay Vocational School. Computer science, electronics.
Graduated HS 1975

Cache; active duty 05 June 75
Boot Camp, Orlando, FL
Great Lakes NB
basic electricity & electronics 04 Nov 75
electronics class A phase A1 30 Jan 76; phase A2 19 Mar 76; phase A3r 16 Apr 76; phase A4r 08 Aug 76 an/spn-40 29 Oct 76; an/sps-32 Nov-Dec 1976
Enterprise ~28 Dec 76-80?
E5 78 Jan 16
reenlistment (Enterprise) 09 May 79 active: 3y10m15d sea: 2y4m11d
meteorological/oceanographic equipment school Chanute AFB, IL
NAS Whiting Field, Milton Florida
E-6 81 Mar 16
Married Linda Sue Hart, 25 Feb, 1982
Carl Vinson 82 Mar 15-85
Christina Preston born 7 Jul 83
reenlistment (Carl Vinson) 84 Dec 27 active: 5y7m18d sea: 3y1m5d
divorced 15 Jul 85
Philipines 85/86-88
revolution 1986
teletype Sheppard AFB, TX
LMET 82 Nov 28
MK-XIII 17wk (IFF) 88 Jun 03
Nimitz Jun 88- Aug 90
comphibron9 Aug 1990 San Diego, CA
discharge 92 Oct 14 active: 7y9m17d sea: 3y10m4d foreign: 2y5m15d
year off. prospecting at LDMA Camp, Wikenburg, AZ
Rick's TV & Appliance Mar 1993- Jun 1996
94 May 31
discharge 96 Feb 29 1y8m29d; prior active 17y3m21d; total 19y0m2d; sea duty9y3m20d

Walmart Jun 1996
Married Jill Marie Brick (Lewis) 27 Dec, 2001
Maintainence manager nursing home 2002
Walmart 2003
house burnt 28 Nov, 2003
moved to Kalispell, MT Jan, 2004
Walmart Mar 2004-Dec 2004
CNA course Jan 2005
A Plus Health Care 4 Feb 2005 28 Oct 2005
Tele-Tech ~Nov 2005-2006
A Plus Health Care 18 Jan 2008-20 Mar 2008
Ronan prom 16 Mar 2008
breakdown Feb-Apr 2008
Father diagnosed with cancer Feb 2009
visit to FL Feb-24 Apr 2009
Father died 20 Jun 2009
Mother suicide 11 Sep, 2009
go to FL with Jill to deal with estate lawyer and house.
Visit Kalispell Nov 2009
fly back to Kalispell Mar 2010
bought 5 acres in Marion, MT 25 Jun 2010
stayed on property while Jill did her 4 day rotation, sometimes she would come out, sometimes I would go in. Into Kalispell for winter 14 Oct 2010
VA 18 Nov 2010
Diagnosed with cataract right eye
diagnosed 31 Jan 2011with degenerative arthritis right hip, slight in left hip and lower back.
Moved to Marion, MT ~Apr, 2011
50% determination 28 Jun, 2011; Aquired psychiatric condition to include anxiety, panic disorder, and depression.
Built shelter around 5th wheel (ongoing)
Filed for divorce 3 August 2012
Divorced 31 August 2012

Things I've done
Model rockets
Line control planes
Radio Control
Sailing (course in the Philipines 30 April, 1987, owned two sailboats)
Astronomy (owned Celestron C8)
Scuba (course at Bremerton, Washington 17 December, 1989)
Handloading rifle, handgun, and shot
Fossil collecting (under Tampa, Florida)
Ham license Amatuer Extra AE7BQ 27 July, 2009
Passed MSF BRC.
Motorcycle Endorsement 5 October, 2012
Recieved new driver's license 16 October 2012
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Written with notepad and QB64