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T Jul 25, 2013

My SSDI finally got approved.
Bought supplies for multiple projects around here.

T Jun 6, 2013

Added nackground sound to some of my pages (Firefox and Chrome).

T Jun 4, 2013

Whoops, missed May!.Been working on Jill's website for Pointy Fingerz Photography.
Added lottsa jokes and t shirts.
Added several bike photos, including one of my Dad from 1954.

F Apr 26, 2013

Added some jokes and a bunch of t shirts.
Added lots of bike photos.
Been working on Jill's website Pointy Fingerz.com.

M Apr 15, 2013

Added some jokes and a bunch of t shirts.

S Apr 13, 2013

Plowed four inches snow.
Most of the snow melted.

S Apr 13, 2013


F Apr 12, 2013


T Apr 11, 2013


W Apr 10, 2013


T Apr 9, 2013

Worked on a-frame foundation design.

M Apr 8, 2013

Kalispell for McDonalds, Walmart, Vet's food pantry, gas, Dr appointment.

S Apr 7, 2013

Laundry. propane (2).

S Apr 6, 2013


F Apr 5, 2013

Added ten new renderings for a-frame cabin to plans page.
Library parking lot.

T Apr 4, 2013

Added six jokes and 17 t shirts.
Blood donation. Library.

W Apr 3, 2013

Got tractor started and moved to a parking area. Topped of water in 6 volt battery. 12 volt starting battery on charge.
Tried starting chainsaws. Poulan will idle, but dies when revved. Fuel clog?. No luck on Husky.

T Apr 2, 2013

Got tractor running. Scraped out to Griz, died on the way back. Walked back and brought 6v jumper battery (with quad), started again. Died 10 feet later. Must remember to open gas petcock. Starter battery dead now. Tried starting chainsaws. Poulan will fire but dies. No luck on Husky.

M Apr 1, 2013

So much for my solar powered wifi DSL. Only dial up available on Griz Lane.
Tried starting chainsaws.

S Mar 31, 2013

Measured out northern corners of pole barn. Will have to get tractor working (battery on charge) as the sw corner is under it's rear tire.
Tested draw knife, works good.
Added six renderings for roof of a-frame to plans page.
Added two bike photos.

S Mar 30, 2013

Gun show with Chad.
Brought roll up doors to property.

F Mar 29, 2013


T Mar 28, 2013

Added five renderings for a pole barn/workshop to plans page, and 16 more ideas to plans idea page.

W Mar 27, 2013

Google Earth updated their maps to Saturday, August 18, 2012. Interestingly, the photos say Aug 17, but this page says I did laundry on the 17th, and my truck is at Moose Crossing in the photo. Also, Whitefish Care and Rehab parking lot is almost empty.
Labeled and uploaded five Google Earth photos.
Added one jokes and 5 t shirts.
Added two gals on bike pixs to bike photos.

T Mar 26, 2013


M Mar 25, 2013

Library parking lot.

S Mar 24, 2013

Added four jokes and 21 clothing to humor page.
Added one gal with bike and Bike in Back #30 to bike photos.
Library parking lot.
Added distilled water to truck battery (it was being sluggish).

S Mar 23, 2013

Laundry, propane (2)

F Mar 22, 2013


T Mar 21, 2013


W Mar 20, 2013


T Mar19, 2013


M Mar 18, 2013

Added one joke and nine t-shirt photos.
Added eight A-Frame Cabin renderings to plans page.

S Mar 17, 2013


S Mar 16, 2013

Laundry, propane (1).

F Mar 15, 2013

Plowed mud.
Added three jokes and 10 t-shirt photos. Now have at least one for each letter!
Added three bike photos.

T Mar 14, 2013


W Mar 13, 2013

McDonalds breakfast, library.

T Mar 12, 2013

Jill and Tawnya came out to look at the front five acres.

M Mar 11, 2013

Range check with a wireless G router on my desk. Still get signal out at the phone box.
Added three jokes and 11 t-shirt photos.
Added two bike photos.

S Mar 9, 2013

Laundry, propane (2).

F Mar 8, 2013

Added six jokes and 17 t-shirt photos.
Added three bike photos.

T Mar 7, 2013


W Mar 6, 2013


T Mar 5, 2013

McD, Walmart, Vet's pantry, Home Depot, Best Buy, Dr appt, library, propane (2).

F Mar 1, 2013

Laundry, propane (2).

T Feb 26, 2013


M Feb 25, 2013

Added one jokes and nine t-shirt photos.
Added two bike photos.
Added ten ideas to plans page.

S Feb 24, 2013


S Feb 23, 2013

Library parking lot.

F Feb 22, 2013

Propane (2)
Fire dept parking lot.

T Feb 21, 2013

Due to ice on the hill, couldn't go to the library.

W Feb 20, 2013


T Feb 19, 2013

Added two jokes and 13 t-shirt photos.
Added three bike photos.

M Feb 18, 2013

Library parking lot.

S Feb 17, 2013

Library parking lot.

S Feb 16, 2013

Laundry, propane (2)

F Feb 15, 2013

Plowed slush to and from mailboxs.

T Feb 14, 2013

And, 16 degrees this morning.
Between yesterday and today, swapped hosting to tikimt.com (vs prestoncountryfare.com which expired today) and all tikimt files moved to root.

W Feb 13, 2013

33.4 degrees outside at 6am. Above freezing last night!
Added two cheerleaders and one t-shirt photo.
Added five renderings from Sketchup of Version 2 A-frame home to plans page'br>

T Feb 12, 2013

Added one joke and six t-shirt photos.
Added one bike photo.

M Feb 11, 2013

Town to cash check and pay bill.
Propane (2).

S Feb 10, 2013


S Feb 9, 2013

Added two jokes, one naturist sign, and ten clothing photos.
Added and four bike photos.
Added seven ideas to plans page along with renderings from Sketchup of a first draft A-frame home.

F Feb 8, 2013

Mail for pills, then library parking lot.

T Feb 7, 2013

Emptied some of truck's back seat.

W Feb 6, 2013


T Feb 5, 2013

Walmart, Dr appt.

M Feb 4, 2013

Plowed. Propane (2), laundry.

S Feb 3, 2013

Added seven t-shirts and one apron photos and four bike photos.

S Feb 2, 2013

Library parking lot.

F Feb 1, 2013

Town for storage, Vet's food pantry, Walmart, and gas.

T Jan 31, 2013


W Jan 30, 2013

Propane(2), library.

T Jan 29, 2013

Plowed to top of hill. More dirt visible on driveway.
Library (but no internet)

M Jan 28, 2013

Plowed. Then it snowed.

S Jan 26, 2013

Added four t-shirt photos and two Bike in Back photos.

F Jan 25, 2013

Post office and library parking lot

T Jan 24, 2013

Propane (2), library.

W Jan 23, 2013

Added three more idea photos.

T Jan 22, 2013

Added 16 idea photos,and six t-shirt photos.

M Jan 21, 2013

Library parking lot.

S Jan 20, 2013

Added six t-shirt photos.
Added Bike in Back #19.

S Jan 19, 2013

Laundry, propane (2).

F Jan 18, 2013


T, Jan 17, 2013


W, Jan 16, 2013

Added six jokes, and one t-shirt photo.

T, Jan 15, 2013

Plowed. Propane (2). Library.

M, Jan 14, 2013

Watching snow fall.
Added five t-shirt, panty photos.
Added five bikes photos.

S, Jan 13, 2013

Library parking lot.

S, Jan 12, 2013

Added eight nude gals on bikes photos.
Added four jokes, and ten t-shirt, panty, cap, sock photos.

F, Jan 11, 2013


T, Jan 10, 2013

Rest and naps.

W, Jan 9, 2013

Laundry. Propane (2). Library.

T, Jan 8, 2013

Added five t-shirts.

M, Jan 7, 2013

Kalispell for Walmart, Vet's food pantry and Dr appointment.

S, Jan 6, 2013

Propane (2). Library parking lot.

S, Jan 5, 2013

Added 17 photos of snow plow, and uploaded plowing and winching manuals.
Added three jokes, and one t-shirt.

F, Jan 4, 2013

Plow is installed. Photos soon.
Added one joke, and nine t-shirts, and one bike in back photo.

T Jan 3, 2013

Recieved 3 boxes of plow parts.

W Jan 2, 2013

Added three jokes and four t-shirts and one bike in back photo.

T, Jan 1, 2013

New Year's Day
McDonalds for breakfast, storage to label some boxes, Walmart, WiFi somewhere, and McDonalds again for b-day dinner.
Split 2012 out and included as an iframe.
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