Wireless server is working!

Finally got the Hawking HMPS2U device server working. It didn’t recognize the default ID and password. After two emails to Hawking (both answered real fast), I got it reset. With the power on, hold the INIT button down for 27 …

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Wind Down

Whew! Winding down from the Hooper’s show. Had a business meeting yesterday. Jill signed us up for the Libby Celtic Faire, Maker’s Fair, and radio advertisements on NPR.

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More and more shot glasses

Made another dozen shot glasses yesterday. They are on their way to Hooper’s for the last day of the show. I’ll post photos when I get them back. Had a couple of goblets fail due to overspray.

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Making a large piece of glass art


   Working on my first large piece of glass art. Weeding the piece from the vinyl cutter– Putting transfer paper on– Making sure the mask is securely stuck to the glass sheet– Sand blasting– Peeling the mask off.  

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It’s OPEN!


My Etsy store is now open! Come in and explore the Pagan Maze.

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My work stool


Did some more sanding to remove old varnish from a reclaimed stool. I will be polyurethane-ing it to last forever. Here is the base…

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