Pedicure time

Burlesque and Willy getting their hooves done by our farrier, Tawnya.

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Horse paddock in place

Horse paddock is set up. Here’s my plan in Sketch Up and the end result. Run in shelter goes in in June. Horses next weekend.

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Good Water! and 2 3d print sales

Culligan came by and installed our water filter-softener. Also sold him 2 custom rubber key fobs styled on his Jeep grille. His (shown) is for a 1952 GPW, and the one for his brother is a 1952 CJ3A.

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Spring has Sprung

Started clearing out an area for a small horse corral. Lots of small stumps to rip out. Chad has been working on the upstairs bathroom of the shop.

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Plumbing almost done!

Doing a job like this payday to payday is a pain.

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Busy busy busy

Sorry for lack of updates. We all live in Marion now. Been busy building. Final power inspection is Tuesday and hopefully we will have grid power very soon after. I break ground for Chad’s shop ( and our temporary quarters …

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Socket Knob

Just uploaded the files for my Socket Knob to YouMagine. This handy little tool will hold any 1/4 drive socket. Useful in tight spaces, or where you can’t fit a full ratchet handle. Designed for removing Ultimaker extruder nozzles (with …

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3D Printing

Already had two paying jobs for our Ultimaker Original. First was a stamp for doing ceramics work, second was caps for a modified canopy bed.

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Ultimaker Original

Last day (hopefully) of our Ultimaker Original build. Photos in the Instagram feed to the left.

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iMac G4 Windows

Working on a new computer for Jill Building it into an old iMac G4 case. Some photos on my instagram feed to the left.

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