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But first, my motorcycle history.
Before my Dad met my Mom, he raced motorcycles and cars at MacDill Air Force Base.
When I was born, he decided to stop taking risks.
While living in Arizona, my friend, Matt, who bought the property adjacent to me, brought his Enduro out from California.
He tought me over the phone how to ride it, and I did so. Just a little on the dirt roads.
My Dad died of cancer many years later. While going through his "stuff" we found his old motorcycle jacket. Chad now has it (won't fit me).
I took the motorcycle written exam in 2012, and now have a learner's permit.
You can see in the pix below, that I want to buy a Can-Am Spyder RT.
I plan to take the MSF's Rider Course in September. After I get a helmet, gloves, and boots.
Boots on order through Amazon! (and recieved)
Modular helmet in from Amazon
Passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course last weekend of September!
Recieved my new driver's license with "STANDARD MOTORCYCLE" on the back!
Found an old photo (1963) of me in a biker jacket. 7 years old, guess it was destined. More later.


Montana DMV Motorcycle Supplement (1.5 meg)
Montana specific info (.111 meg)
2012 FVCC requirments (.1 meg)
MSU Northern Motorcycle Safety - On Line Reservation System - v15.10
Motorcycle Riding Laws by State (.3 meg)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles (10.2 meg)
Motorcycle Mechanics General Manual 1977 (46 meg)
Bicycle Repair & Maintenance (11.6 meg)

Model Lists (Wiki)


Some Magazines

The Classic MotorCycle Magazine.January 2011 (60.6 meg)
Classic Bike Guide- March 2011 (80.5 meg)
Bikes and Beauties 201103 (16 meg)
Bikes and Beauties 201104 (16 meg)



Graphical Craig's list of Motorcycles by Owner
SearchTempest - The EASY way to search Craigslist
New Or Used Motorcycles In Montana

Can-Am Spyder

Spyder RS - Spyder RT - Showroom BRP Can-Am Spyder Roadster
can-am Spyder Forums - SpyderTalk.com
2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited - Comparison - Motorcycle USA
Fred Rau Motorcycling Motorcycle Magazine
Can-Am Street Bikes Jesco Marine and Power Sports
High Adventure Power Sports & Marine

Honda Shadow

Honda Shadow Motorcycle Forum
ShadowRiders.org - Welcome to the Roadhouse!
Honda owner's manuals
Leland's Honda Suzukii parts, accessories & maintenance

Kawasaki Vulcan

Kawasaki Vulcan Forums
VROC Vulcan Riders and Owners Club

Trike Links

Trike Riders Now - Three Wheel Motorcycles
BTW Trikers Homepage
Welcome to Champion Motorcycle Trike kits, Trike conversions, Hard Bags, Sidecars, Trailers, EZ-Steer, Reverse Gear
Lehman Trikes conversions and kits for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Victory Motorcycles
Motor Trike, Inc.
MTC Voyager Motorcycle Conversion Kit, Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit
Mystery Designs Trike Body Kits Custom Trikes
The Trike Shop, Trikes and Trike conversion kits. Specializing in Motorcycle Trike conversions and ready-made trikes.
Tow-Pac Inc.
Trigg Trike Kits - Motorcycle Trike Kits - Motorcycle to Trike Conversion
Original Custom Fit BRP Can-Am Spyder Graphics Kits
Wheel Lights - GloRyder Wheel Lights

Local Stores

Gold Rush Pawn and American Motorcycle Company
Jesco Marine and Power Sports (Google Maps)
Kurt's Polaris, Victory, Nautique, Bennington, Moomba, Alumacraft, Load Master
Leland's Honda Suzukii parts, accessories & maintenance (Google Maps)
Montana Harley-Davidson Buell (Google Maps)
Penco Power Products -Yamaha, KTM, ATV, Snowmobile, Watercraft (Google Maps)
RG3 Suspension Montana - Ride Perfection

Mail order

Motorcycle Super Store
Dennis Kirk, Inc
Olympia Moto Sports - Technical Motorcycle Gear
Helmet Skinz
Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company for Motorcycle Leather Jackets, Motorcycle Boots and Accessories
Motorcycle Leather Apparel & Accessories- Renaissance Cycle Leather & Accessories Contact

news, reviews, etc

Beginner Bikes Home
Cycle News Home
Motorcycle and ATV reviews, specifications, prices, used motorcycles by PowerSports Network
Motorcycle News UK Motorbikes MCN
Motorcycle Reviews, Videos, Prices and Used Motorcycles
MotorcycleDaily.com Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

Ronnie Cramer's MOTORCYCLE WEB INDEX - Clubs
Dogs On Bikes Dogs That Ride Motorcycles!

Rider Course

Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety Home Page
Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Lastly, because any bike shop HAS to have pixs...
(click for larger)

Mine, Relatives, Friends, and Bikes I've Seen marvin with indian 1954 1st bikes spotted in 2013, at The Marion Grille 1963 (7 years old)<br>Me in a biker jacket. Guess is was destined.
some of the training bikes bikes supplied by LeLand's and Penco Instructor riding his bike
the bike I rode seen at Marion Grille
seen at Marion Grille New modular helmet from IV2 Helmets via Amazon clear sheild up (has a built in sun sheild but it didn't show in the photos) modular face up so I can talk, drink and smoke.
New boots from the Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Co. via Amazon
Chad's Ninja he used to own My sister Cathy's husband Eric's bike. (Cherry looking on) My Dad, 1954 750 Yamaha heading back to Minnisota at the BQS
Old Honda seen in Marion, MT Old Honda seen in Marion, MT Old Honda seen in Marion, MT Bike during filming of an HBO show in NOLA
NOLA Police scooter biker in Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Harley Store
My Dream Bike, Can-Am Spyder RT 2012 RT Limited in Lava Brown
2012 RT Limited dashboard illuminated wheels
under lights
Shadow Damn right it's a Honda 2010 big guy on bike
Honda Shadow Honda Shadow Honda Shadow 2002
2007 Honda Shadow  750 for sale in Hayden, ID
2007 2007
2001 2009 Honda Shadow
Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan
Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan
Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki Vulcan
Kawasaki Vulcan storage box Vulcan Trike
Spyder Gals
Drawn and CGI
drawn biker steampunk drawn old Harley girlfriend    card
3d guy
3 guys on 3 scooters guy on microbike what happens when guys pass cuties
no harley shoe shine babee furry
peeps, from Nancy Edgar
Oddballs Whirlygig (electric) steampunk builder/designer steampunk bike
dash board lights batteries
steam generator (effect)
steampunk trike yes, it's a uni-bike counterweights in back. Steers by gyro and weight shift
uni-cycle uno bike (using Segway tech) MIB3 hamster wheel bikes (CGI)
Trektrike radial
Tomahawk trike from Las Vegas Craigs List trike from Las Vegas Craigs List trike from Las Vegas Craigs List
John Deer Trike shoe trike
Vintage Army
Campers vintage Harley
Movies and TV Brando Brando Clint Eastwood
James Dean McQueen McQueen McQueen
Batman CHIPS Flintstone Bond
Rambo South Park Terminator Fonz
Cruise Wolverine Captain America Hunter
kryten from re Red Dwarf homer simpson (1)
homer simpson (2) homer simpson (3)
Gals and Guys from the web
guy on a Harley old guy with 2 bikes Sturgis bikes in Dubai
jeans on bike BMW K1200 babe in black
bike washer babe bobber? gal in leathers
weee Harley-Davidson white scooter
black bikini on cafe racer black bikini on cafe racer
blue corset on street bike Bell on bike
Bell on Honda
Honda Shadow Bobber Cowgirl on a trike kawasaki with leather on green ninja (1)
green ninja (2) harley w stilettos (1) harley w stilettos (2) yellow ducati in store
black micro on Honda pink micro on mini
hot red show bike red top black crotch rocket
bike wash
Honda TR
moto-tats flamed touring chopper Enfield
nude on Kawasaki
nude on black trike
Playboy Bunny Amber nude on bike string on kawasaki (2)
string on kawasaki (3) pair of ...scooters honda scooter
pink bike Elystar scooter
gal on red scooter Bike Cave? biker party
sooper scooter (in back) sport Bike in Back Bikes in Back Bike in Back
beer holder beach bike bikette butt you're a naughty boy, go to my room
Bike in Back Look out! Bikes in Back Bikes in Back
Bike in Back ape hanger in back Bikes in Back Bike in Back (and under)
many Bikes in Back scooter near, street bike way back Bike in Back Bikes in Back #15
bikes in front Bike in Back #17 Bikes in Back #18 Bike in Back #19
Bike in Back #20 Bike in Back #21 bike under bottom #22 bike in back #23
bikes in back #24 Bikes in Back #25 Bikes in Back #26 Bikes in fron #26b
Bikes in Back #27 bike in back #28 bikes in back #29 bike in back #30
bike in back31 bike in back32 bike in back33 bike in back34
bike in back35 1957 bike in back36 bike in back38 wannabe bikers
sex on bike nude and rider by bridge babe on back
naked rider babe on back
nude on back blue sport string on kawasaki (1) nude on back trolley
guy on bike guy on Suzi sex on bike jockey?
protective gear? speedos on red honda chapped? helmeted for you're protection
biker bear nude guy on bike for the ladies
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