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It’s OPEN!

My Etsy store is now open! Come in and explore the Pagan Maze.

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Pagan Maze store opens tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’ll be opening my Etsy store, Pagan Maze. So far I have a stool, a beaker, and a candle holder for sale. I’ll be doing some more sandblasting today so I can add a shot glass and large mug …

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Some of today’s work

Finished sanding on my work stool and put the first two coats of Helmsman on it. Cut vinyl to use for sandblasting an assortment of glass to open my Etsy shop with on Friday.

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Work at property

Spent Sunday working at the property in Marion. Tractor wouldn’t start. Have to work on that Friday. Chad andĀ  I used the skid steer to sort out some more big rocks from the power line trench. Picked up some odds …

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Pink Chaos: Space Marine Horror Squad

Added a 10 man? squad of warhammer 40k figures to Craigslist. They are also available on HangedMan Enterprises Etsy site.

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My new bed

Sorted my 2×6 boards into a stack of 7 for the base (left stack) and good looking ones to the right for the headboard, footboard, and supports. The boards were left-overs from a failed motel job, and were harvested and …

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Kalua, our pitbull, checking out my job of mulchingĀ  all the fall leaves today. (click on her to see the next photo)

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My work stool

Did some more sanding to remove old varnish from a reclaimed stool. I will be polyurethane-ing it to last forever. Here is the base…

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I’ve decided to switch to WordPress for my site instead of notepad, QBasic, and Filezilla. In the next few weeks I’ll be adding links or otherwise incorporating my old site’s contents into here.  

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